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Boys Dixie League Roundup

New York Life 4, Randy’s Sports 2

Justin Whatley struck out 10 batters and walked 5 in for the winin Dixie Boys Baseball League action. Chris Falvey was the losingpitcher with 3 strikeouts and 2 walks.

Powering New York Life at the plate with a triple was TylerWilliford. Kyle Wooley singled twice. Hitting a single each wereWhatley and Austin Pierce.

Randy’s Sports got a home run from Kyle James. Dustin Brewer andMason Warren hit safely.

Trustmark Bank 10, Lincoln Ready-Mix 3

Dewayne Branning led Trustmark to the win with a pair ofsingles. Shane Lynch, Timothy Montgomery and Greg Warrick singled.Brett Hart posted the win with 3 strikeouts and 1 walk.

Lincoln Ready-Mix got a pair of singles from Matt Floyd.Doubling was Steven Gates. Jason Nix, Jamie Williams and JustinSmith hit a single apiece. Smith absorbed the loss, striking out 4and walking 11.

Randy’s Sports 6, Trustmark 5

Pacing Randy’s Sports to the victory with a double and a singlewas Russell Brewer. Brandt Hinton singled twice. Mason Warren,Chance Peets and Rodney Barker hit safely.

Trustmark had a single from Dusty Smith and Greg Warrick.

Hinton posted the victory with 3 strikeouts and 4 walks whileBranning took the defeat with 1 walk.

Randy’s Sports 4, Lincoln Ready-Mix 2

A double from Chance Peets and a single apiece from BrandtHinton and Russell Brewer directed Randy’s Sports to the win. ChrisFalvey recorded the victory with 2 strikeouts and 2 walks.

Lincoln Ready-Mix was sparked on a triple from Blake McKee.Michael Washington doubled. A pair of singles were hit by ChrisHester. Stephen Gates and Vance Case singled. Saddled with the losswas Jason nix with 4 strikeouts and 4 walks.

New York Life 7, Trustmark Bank 6

Posting the victory was relief hurler Justin Whatley with 3strikeouts. Reliever Shane Lynch fanned 3 and walked one for theloss which came in the bottom of the seventh.

Tyler Williford’s bloop single between third base and thepitcher’s mound drove in the winning run. New York Life got asingle from Whatley, Casey Britt, Joseph Hart, Trey Allred, AustinPierce and Hoyte Smith.

Dewayne Branning and Brandon Malone belted a doubles forTrustmark. Brent Fielder collected a pair of singles. Hittingsafely were Brett Hart, Lynch, Philip Jarancik and GregWarrick.

New York Life 6, Union Planters Bank 1

A pair of singles from winning pitcher Trey Allred led New YorkLife. Allred struck out 6 and walked 1. Hitting safely were TylerWilliford, Casey Britt, Kyle Wooley, Scott Farmer, Mac Beassie,Logan Smith and Hoyte Smith.

Union Planters Bank got a single from Patrick Holcomb andGarrett Lyons. Holcomb struck out 2 in the loss.

B&B Insulation 9, Trustmark 3

A double and a single apiece from Cody Jones and Chase Coonsparked B&B Insulation to the win. Jasper O’Quinn and Greg Huntcollected two singles apiece. Hitting safely were Matthew Hester,Caralton Gibbs and Kenny Rollins.

Baron Jones nailed down the win, striking out 5 and walking 2.Brent Fielder took the defeat with 1 strikeout and 4 walks.

Trustmark got singles from Dewayne Branning, Shane Lynch, BrettHart and Greg Warrick.

Union Planters Bank won by forfeit over B&B Insulation inanother makeup game.

New York Life 9, B&B Insulation 7

Winning pitcher Joseph Hart struck out 5 batters and walked 5.He also had 3 hits for his New York Life team.

A home run by Chase Coon led B&B Insulation. Charlie Woodsand Baron Jones had 2 hits.

Union Planters 3, Lincoln Ready-Mix 2

Micha Navarro was the winning pitcher with 4 strikeouts and 2walks to his credit. Doubles by Brandon Case and Patrick Holcombled the victory.

Two singles by Chris Hester and a double by Steven Gates ledLincoln Ready-Mix n batting. On the mound, Hester fanned 6 in alosing cause.