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City man charged in robbery

The alertness of a local convenient store clerk led to the quickarrest of a suspect following an armed robbery Thursday night,authorities said.

Christopher Kelly, 23, of 910 Williams Street, was arrested andcharged with armed robbery after he allegedly stole money from T& O Quick Stop on South Hamilton Street around 9:30 p.m.Thursday.

“We received a call that a tall black male wearing a white shirtand jeans had entered that business with a white rag over his headand acted as though he had a gun,” said Brookhaven Police CaptainBobby Bell.

The clerk was then asked to lie on the floor, while the suspectcleaned the cash register of an undisclosed amount of money. Policewere able to arrest a suspect shortly afterward because of the keenobservations of the clerk.

“The clerk gave out a very good description,” said BrookhavenAssistant Police Chief Arlustra “Pap” Henderson.

The clerk told officers the suspect had entered the store just20 minutes before the robbery, bought a fish sandwich and had aconversation with the clerk, said Bell.

Before the leaving the store, the suspect instructed the clerkto make two more fish sandwiches.

When the suspect re-entered the store, the only difference inhis appearance was the white rag over his head.

“We showed the clerk a photo lineup with his (Kelly) picture andthe clerk picked him out right away,” said Henderson.

Officers followed up on the clerk’s information and went to thehome of Kelly’s relatives, but did not immediately locate him.

“They confirmed that he had gone out to buy a fish sandwich, buthad not returned yet,” said Bell.

When Kelly returned home less than an hour later, relativesdenied him access to the house and called the authorities. Kellythen fled to the Easthaven Cemetery, and officers patrolled thearea in search of him.

Later, Kelly turned himself in at the police station, and isbeing held in the Lincoln County Jail. Officers are still searchingfor the stolen money, and have not recovered a weapon yet.