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Wesson Main Street advisory board named

WESSON — Plans to make major improvements in the downtown areaare coming closer to implementation with the recent naming of theWesson Main Street Association advisory board.

Mayor Bill Tigner, who brought the Mississippi Main StreetAssociation (MMSA) idea to the town several months ago, will serveas chairman of the advisory board.

He will work closely with Wesson alderwoman Lura Greer,Copiah-Lincoln Community College professor David Higgs,business/citizen representative Scott King, Copiah Countysupervisor Terry Channell and architect/business representativeJeff Knight. The advisory board will work with MMSA representativesand town residents to set up committees and developing the mostbeneficial plan.

“The advisory board will be responsible for implementingpolicies and setting the goals of the Wesson Main Street,” Tignersaid. “They will also be responsible for reporting any activitiesto Wesson.”

The first Main Street activity is just on the horizon, and couldget under way within the next few weeks.

“We’re getting ready to set a date for the Mississippi MainStreet executive committee from Jackson to come down for theassessment process,” Tigner said, explaining that the committeewould help advisory board members determine what will be the bestpossible plans for the town.

Tigner hopes to get the one-day assessment scheduled soon so theprogram will officially get under way.

“With the momentum that’s going on in Wesson, I think this isthe perfect time to kickoff Main Street,” he said.

MMSA, a private, non-profit organization, has assisted overdozens of communities in Mississippi to revitalize downtownareas.

Through an ongoing series of initiatives, the Wesson Main StreetAssociation will complete projects such as bringing more businessto the downtown area and creating more job opportunities.

MMSA will serve as a guide to the advisory board and a localprogram manager, a part-time position for which applications areavailable at town hall.

Anyone interested in finding out more about the Wesson MainStreet program, can contact Tigner at 643-5221 or any of the otheradvisory board members.