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Schools help with bus driver costs

In an effort to ensure the Lincoln County School District hasenough substitute bus drivers when needed, the school board decidedMonday to lessen some of the costs the substitutes incur beforebeing hired.

During the first monthly meeting, board members approved arequest by district’s transportation director Donald Case to payfor the cost of conducting background checks on up to 10 substitutedrivers.

“Donald said he can find substitute bus drivers, but when hetells them it’s going to cost $22.50 to get fingerprinted, they sayit’s not worth it,” Superintendent Perry Miller explained to boardmembers.

Board members agreed that in some cases the cost would hardly becovered by the amount of money substitute bus drivers, who are onan as needed basis, make for their time.

Fingerprinting for background checks is a necessary procedurefor all employees of any school district in the state.

Miller reported that other school districts have helpedsubstitute drivers with the costs, and the board decided thedistrict would pay for background checks on five-10 substitute busdrivers only.

In other financial matters, the board accepted over $200,000 ingrants for the second year of Family First and PreventionIntervention programs in the district.

District officials were glad to see the programs, which helpstudents and parents, funded again.

“Family First is designed to strengthen the family unit… andthe Prevention Intervention tutoring program is basically for anykid that wants to stay after school for help,” Miller pointed out,adding that the parenting classes, tutoring and counseling producedpositive results last year. “And as time goes along we hope it willget even better.”

In other community improvement discussion, school board membersapproved a recommendation for the district to have a fund-raisingteam in the American Heart Association’s Heart Walk.

Miller updated the board on the fund-raising effort for victimsof the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks.

The district raised $3,244, which will be donated to theAmerican Red Cross, and matched by Reader’s Digest, according toMiller.

The next school board meeting will be held at 5:30 p.m., Oct.18, rather than Oct. 15 because of a scheduling conflict.