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Pilot search shifts to Louisiana

A search for a missing Brookhaven pilot has shifted toLouisiana, but the search coordinator said bad weather has stalledthe effort for a few days.

The Civil Air Patrol is continuing to look for Jeff Allen, 46,of 2712 Nola Road, who was last spoken with around 2 a.m. Friday,Nov. 16, while he and McComb pilot Dr. Larry Stewart were returningin separate planes from the coast. Stewart landed in McComb but wasunable to contact Allen again after touching down.

After getting new radar information over the weekend, air patrolpilots have turned their attention to Saint Tamany Parish inLouisiana. The information indicated Allen turned south nearPoplarville, Miss., and headed toward Covington, La.

“The last radar point they had on him was in that parish northof Covington,” said Johnny Taylor, search coordinator for the airpatrol.

A search of the area over the weekend turned up no clues, Taylorsaid. Searchers were to continue today, but bad weather preventedthat.

“The weather’s got us blocked out today and it doesn’t look goodfor tomorrow,” Taylor said Monday morning.

Taylor said a ground team search was possible, although thatwould have to be coordinated with Louisiana officials.

Regarding the air efforts, Taylor said there were two spots thatsearchers wanted to look at. He said it may be Wednesday before thesearch resumes.

“As soon as the weather clears up, we’ll get back in there,”Taylor said.