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Training lab offers new classes

Registration for Mobile Training Lab classes in January andFebruary is under way and chamber of commerce officials expect thecourses to be popular and beneficial for area workers.

The lab, located across from the government complex, is apartnership between the chamber of commerce, the IndustrialDevelopment Foundation, the Vision Partnership and Copiah-LincolnCommunity College. Courses in a variety of business andindustry-related fields were first offered in September.

“All the classes in the past were full,” said Chandler Russ,chamber of commerce executive vice-president.

New courses begin in January and will go through February. Thecourses are free to chamber of commerce members and theiremployees, but there is a limit of 10 students per class.

“The ultimate goal is to help our community have the best andmost well-trained work force in the region,” Russ said. “This is astep toward doing that.”

Continuing computer training offered last semester, upcomingclasses include Microsoft Publisher and Microsoft ExcelIntermediate. Some “soft-skill” courses like Sales and Marketingfor Business, Time Management, Business Communications and How toStart Your Own Business are also being offered.

Russ expects Beginning Spanish to be a popular offering.

“One of the fastest growing segments of the population insouthwest Mississippi is the Hispanic population,” Russ said,adding that employers with Hispanic employees could benefit.

An OSHA General Industry Safety and Health Certification coursewill be available in January and February.

“I hope some of our industries take advantage of that,” Russsaid. “They can get safety and health certification through thatclass.”

Russ said there is no deadline for signing up for the classes,the first of which is Beginning Spanish on Jan. 7. However,organizers try to have the classes filled one week before theybegin.

“If space is available, we’ll take them right up to the daybefore the class itself,” Russ said.

Information on courses and dates in available from the chamberof commerce at 833-1411.