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Property taxes must be paid by February 1

Tax offices have been crowded lately as residents come in to paytheir property tax bills before an upcoming deadline, officialssaid.

“Friday is the last day to pay without a 1 percent per monthpenalty,” said Lincoln County Tax Assessor-Collector NancyJordan.

Jordan and Brookhaven Tax Collector Pat Duckworth said theiroffices have been busy as the deadline approaches.

“We’ve had a good collection year this year,” Duckworthsaid.

While times have been busy, Jordan said activities have gonefairly smoothly. She attributed that to a new computerized “drop”receipt process that has helped speed up payments.

“As far as collections, it’s better,” Jordan said.

For property owners unable to pay their full bill by Friday, thecity and county offices do accept partial payments.

Jordan said half of the tax bill must be paid by Friday, withthe remainder made in two payments: one due by May 1 and the otherby August 1. The 1 percent per month penalty, however, applies tothe unpaid balance, tax officials said.

If taxes are not paid by August 1, property with delinquent taxbills will be sold at the land sale on the last Monday of thatmonth.

Jordan is used to the faster pace just after the first of theyear.

“January is our busiest month of the year because of assessingand collecting,” Jordan said. “That’s due to tax paying and filingfor homestead exemption.”

Jordan said April 1 is the deadline for citizens to file forhomestead exemption credit. Mississippians only need to file onetime for homestead exemption unless there is significant changethat would require a new filing.

“If they’ve had a change in the property status, marital statusor have become disabled or over 65 and haven’t been filing for thatexemption, they need to come in and file,” Jordan said.