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Franklin Co. chills Cobras

BUDE – In what was considered one of the coldest games inFranklin County baseball history, the home-standing Bulldogsoverwhelmed the Wesson Cobras 4-2 Monday night, with temperaturesranging from 35 to 40 degrees the entire game. In the juniorvarsity contest Franklin ambushed Wesson 3-0.

The Bulldogs (7-2) got behind early as Wesson mounted a strong2-0 lead after one. But it was all Franklin County after the first.The Bulldogs used a four-run second and a near flawless pitchingperformance from senior Richard King to cool the upstart Cobras(3-5) the rest of the way.

“I’m proud of our team tonight,” said Bulldog head coach EdZumbro Jr. “Both teams played a heckuva game tonight under thsesconditions. Overall, this was King’s best pitching pefromance thatI’ve seen.”

King a 5-foot9, 165-pound Meadville native, collected eightstrikeouts on three hits for the Bulldogs as he worked seveninnings of action. King collected his first win of the year afterplaying in relief most of the season.

“I just came out and threw,” said King after the game. “Weneeded this win to add to our winning streak. We just played teamball tonight and that helped us win.”

The Bulldogs are now on a five-game winning streak afterstarting the season at 2-2.

For Wesson, Kyle Smith suffered the loss with 10 strikeouts ontwo walks and five hits.

At the plate, Justin Smith led the Cobra attack with a singleand a stolen base.

For the Bulldogs, senior centerfielder Vance Windom led with adouble and a stolen base.

In the junior varsity game, the Bulldogs got a triple fromJasper O’Quinn to highlight their 3-0 victory. Bulldog freshmanpitcher Chris Smith earned the win for the Dawgs.

The Bulldogs resume play Wedensday afternoon at Crystal Springsat 3:30. The Dawgs play their next home game Friday againstWilkinson County starting at 5:00 with a junior varsity contest and7 for the varsity.