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Fire protection depends on good, working tools

While city officials are considering an upgrade of water linesto provide fire protection for Whitworth College and theMississippi School of the Arts, they would do well to make surefire hydrants and water lines are adequate and working properly inall parts of Brookhaven.

During last week’s city board meeting, some Union Streetresidents raised some valid points after a fire destroyed in a homeon that street earlier this month. Residents expressed concernsabout a fire plug that did not have water. Fire officials said twoother plugs worked properly, and the home was not lost because of alack of water.

That is perhaps true. But time — regardless of how little –was lost while firefighters adjusted lines and plans to account forthe malfunction. Water department officials said a valve wasrestricting flow in the water line.

A board decision to increase plug flushing and inspectionactivities from twice a year to three times a year is a good movetoward maintaining good fire protection. The next step is ensuringthat fire plug or water pressure problems are corrected wheneverthey are found.

Firefighters work hard to protect lives and property. They –and citizens — deserve to know that equipment is working properlywhen needed.