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Coker, Mackabee sign Co-Lin scholarships

Dennis Sims is recruiting athletes who can play the game ofbasketball. Sims has signed two versatile standouts from LincolnCounty, Paul Coker of Brookhaven Academy and Fred Mackabee ofBrookhaven High.

“We are looking for athleticism in our signees,” said Sims.”Paul has good size and he’s a good athlete, too. Fred gives usanother good athlete who has the ability to score.”

Coker (6-6, 185) was named Mister Basketball on The DailyLeader’s All-Lincoln County Basketball Team. He averaged 16.2points, 9.7 rebounds and 3.6 blocked shots per game as the Cougarswent 32-5, finishing third in the Class AA State Tournament.

“I’m happy to sign with Co-Lin,” said Coker. “I’m ready to play.Coach (Sims) will decide my position for me.”

As a senior, Coker also played wide receiver and outsidelinebacker in football. He pitches and plays the outfield for theCougar baseball team.

“I think Paul can play for Co-Lin,” said Brookhaven Academy boyscoach Dale Watts. “He has the potential to really play at lot atthe college level. He has natural, God-given ability and I thinkCoach Sims will get it out of him.”

Coker’s parents are both tall. His father, Gordon, is 6-foot-2and his mother, Betsy, is 5-11. Coker follows BA guard Chad Smithto Co-Lin. Smith started as a sophomore for the Wolves.

Mackabee (6-2) has all the quickness of a guard but he has theleaping ability to play small forward. He averaged 16 points pergame as a senior and was named to the DL’s All-Lincoln Countysquad. He also high jumps with the BHS track team.

“I’m looking forward to playing for Co-Lin,” said Mackabee.”They have a good program.”

Brookhaven boys head coach Dan Presley said Mackabee is agifted athlete. “Fred can really help Co-Lin out. He’s a tremendousleaper. He can play either point or shooting guard.”

Sims agreed. “Fred has the potential to take over onoffense.

“We need players who have the ability to break down thefloor and score in a hurry,” Sims added. “Brookhaven High has sentus some good athletes in the past.” Co-Lin sophomore center B.J.Black is from Brookhaven and played in the recent all-stargame.

Sims said he plans to sign two out of state players plus sixdistrict players to scholarships.

“Our district coaches do a heckuva job coaching theirteams,” Sims noted. “The kids coming out of our district know thegame of basketball.”