Citizens unite for day of prayer

Published 5:00 am Friday, May 3, 2002

With heads bowed and eyes closed, a crowd of about 100 peoplestood motionless Thursday on the front steps of the Lincoln CountyGovernment Complex, sending prayers out for a better world.

The group, which included several county officials, gathered atnoon in recognition of the National Day of Prayer.

“We certainly need to pray for our nation and our president andall those in need,” said the Rev. Billy Howse, of Moak’s CreekBaptist Church, as he began the 30-minute program.

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The Rev. David Moree from Topisaw Baptist Church continued witha prayer for the United States of America, talking about thefreedom of living in America.

“We believe we live in the greatest country in all of the world… but our freedoms are tearing us down,” he said. “We pray forrepentance on behalf of the United States of America.”

During the prayer for Mississippi, the Rev. Larry Jointer of St.James Missionary Baptist Church asked that people no longer look atthe color of others’ skin so that the residents of Mississippicould “stand united.”

“We ask now, in the name of Jesus, that You would protect us,”he said. “And we thank You for loving us in spite of us.”

He closed by thanking God for the mercy and love He had bestowedon the world.

Tillmon Bishop, chancery clerk and county administrator, prayedfor forgiveness for the times when government officials and leadersdo not follow “God’s ways.”

“We ask that our thoughts would be Your thoughts, and we askthat our words would be Your words and Father, we ask that our wayswould be Your ways,” said Bishop.

The Rev. Jerry Durr of Brookhaven Outreach Ministries prayedthat people would have determination to boldly love one another. Healso asked that this area be founded upon a rock.

“When trials and tests and the issues of life begin to beatagainst the ship, we pray Your word would be our anchor,” hesaid.

A prayer for the home and family followed from Ollie Boone ofBogue Chitto Baptist Church.

She began by reading from the Bible about how “God created manin His own image,” and “Then God saw everything He had made andindeed it was very good.”

Boone said that people often fall short of God’s expectationsfor a loving family, but she prayed everyone would make an effortto meet His expectations.

“The family is not just the four walls of our home. It extendsto our brothers and sisters (in Christ),” said Boone.

During the prayer for the Church, the Rev. Bendon Ginn fromEasthaven Baptist Church spoke about how churches should not beseparated in their efforts, rather working toward a commongoal.

“May we come together as people of faith who band together,” hesaid.

The prayer service came to a close with the entire group singing”God Bless America,” led by Thomas Moak of Mt. Pleasant BaptistChurch.