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‘Mutt’ Wallace gets probation

A Brookhaven man accused of abducting his four children pleadedguilty Monday and received 18 months probation and other penalties,court officials said.

Earl “Mutt” Wallace, 38, pleaded guilty to one count ofinterstate removal of a child under age 14 by a non-custodialparent with intent to violate a court order.

The charge was related to his taking his and his ex-wifeKristin’s four children in February. Wallace was arrested and thefour children, Garrett, 12; Hunter, 11; Abbey, 7 and Kitty Claire,3, returned after they were spotted in the Dominician Republic inlate March.

In addition to probation, Wallace was ordered by Judge KeithStarrett to perform 100 hours of community service work, to pay a$1,000 fine and pay full restitution for family-incurred expensesin getting the children back to the United States. Starrettretained jurisdiction in the case and Wallace could benon-adjudicated, meaning his record could be cleared, provided hemeets conditions set by the judge.

“It’s pretty standard for a non-violent first offender under thecircumstances,” said District Attorney Danny Smith about thesentence.

Wallace was also ordered to undergo a psychiatric evaluationwithin 30 days. Smith said Starrett is expected to set a date forMutt Wallace to return to court, at which time Kristin Wallace willbe allowed to address the court.

By retaining jurisdiction, Smith said Starrett could modify thesentence if needed.

“It will give him some latitude to make a sentence that is inthe best interest of the family,” Smith said.

In other sentencing, Javon Banks, 20, of 3005 James Dr., Wesson,pleaded guilty to a possession of marijuana charge.

Banks was sentenced to five years, which was suspended for threeyears probation. He was also ordered to pay a $3,000 fine, to seekalcohol and drug treatment and to perform 200 hours of communityservice work.

Also, Randy Dion Barlow, 19, of 312 Hartman St., pleaded guiltyto a possession of cocaine charge.

Barlow was sentenced to five years, which was suspended for fiveyears probation. He was also ordered to pay a $2,000 fine, payrestitution, perform 100 hours of community service work and beevaluated for an alcohol and drug treatment program.