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County inmate dies at UMC

JACKSON — A former Lincoln County resident died Sunday afterbeing transferred to University Medical Center earlier in the dayfrom the state penitentiary, according to a press release from theMississippi Department of Corrections (MDOC).

Ronald Kamar “Coco” Page, 33, formerly of 2159 Lake LincolnDrive, was serving time at Parchman for the more than 55 years hewas sentenced to by Lincoln County Circuit Court Judge KeithStarrett in 1993, according to inmate records at the Lincoln CountySheriff’s Department.

According to the MDOC press release, Page died at 10:20 p.m.Sunday as a result of swelling in his brain caused by uncalherniation. An autopsy will be performed in accordance with statelaw, said Ken Jones, MDOC spokesman.

Jones explained that Page’s brain began swelling because of aherniated area around the outer cavity of his brain. Furtherinformation about Page’s condition prior to his death wasunavailable.

Lincoln County records show he pleaded guilty to robbery andaggravated assault on a law enforcement officer on Dec. 28, 1993,receiving 15 years for robbery and 30 years for the assault inJudge Starrett’s courtroom. The sentences were to run concurrentlywith a 10-year sentence he received on Oct. 13, 1993 for burglaryof an inhabited dwelling.