MHP takes over case of missing woman

Published 5:00 am Friday, October 11, 2002

Investigators continue to search for a former Jayess woman who’snow been missing almost three months.

Jolyn Armstrong, 26, of Collins was reported missing on July 13after she was last seen driving away from her place of residence.She has red hair, stands about 5’6″ tall and weighs about 150 lbs.,according to her sister, Marlo Bourn.

Although investigators have told the family they have yet todevelop any leads in Armstrong’s disappearance, Bourn said therehas been a development in the case.

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The Mississippi Highway Safety Patrol has become the lead agencyin the case because of the wide area needed for the search, Bournsaid. Armstrong was living with a couple in Collins, but worked ata restaurant in Columbia. She also owns a trailer home in the Enoncommunity on Old Bethel Road near Bourn’s home and that of herbrother, Greg Armstrong.

Until recently, the Collins Police Department was lead agency inthe case because Armstrong disappeared in Collins.

Armstrong was last seen by the couple she had been staying within Collins, Bourn said. The couple told Bourn they thought she wasgoing to the store to purchase cigarettes.

“She just got inher vehicle and left. They don’t know where shewas going,” Bourn said.

Armstrong’s 1989 Chevrolet S-10 pickup was entered into lawenforcement’s NCIC computer network early in the investigation.Collins Police Department Investigator Eric Banks said it ispossible a lead may develop there if Armstrong was not a victim offoul play.

“I don’t wish anything bad on anyone, but a speeding ticketwould be nice about now,” Banks said.

A speeding ticket would show the officer that a search for thevehicle is being conducted and he would be required to report thecontact, Banks said.

In the meantime, Banks said, investigators continue to try touse other sources and resources to develop leads.

“All we can do is be patient and wait,” he said.

Bourn said she is really worried because in Armstrong’s absenceshe had been getting her bills and there has been no activity,payments or debits, on her credit cards.

What really concerns Bourn, however, is that when Armstrongdisappeared she was expecting a partial paycheck from her place ofemployment. Armstrong was also planning to move her things out ofher Enon trailer home that weekend because she had arranged to sellit. She was expecting to make the monetary transaction after sheremoved her things.

“That’s another thing that seems strange to me,” Bourn said.”Who would leave on their own accord when they were expecting thatmuch money in a few days?”

Armstrong lived in Jayess from 1996 to 2001, she said.

To report a sighting, contact your local law enforcementagency.