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West Lincoln back earns honor

One of the key instruments in the West Lincoln Bears endingtheir 25-game losing streak last Friday night was senior tailbackStacey Fells. In the 21-0 win over the Salem Wildcats, Fells rushedthe football 22 times for 114 yards and two touchdowns on muddyPerry Miller Field.

For his accomplishments, Fells has been named The DailyLeader’s Offensive Player of the Week for the seventh week ofthe 2002 football season. Fells is the first West Lincoln player inthe school’s 5-year-old football program to receive Player of theWeek recognition.

“It feels good,” said Fells of the honor. “I’ve been working onit. I worked hard for it.”

Fell suffered an ankle injury early in the football season andis happy to be back. He sustained the injury against Clarkdale, inthe second game of the season.

“Stacey missed a few weeks with the ankle injury,” said WestLincoln first-year head football coach Willie Brumfield. “He hasput up back-to-back 100-yard games. To come back from any type ofinjury is an accomplishment.”

Fells, who stands 6-foot and weighs 210 pounds, runs a 40-yarddash in 4.7 In the weight room, he bench presses 250 pounds andsquats 400.

His favorite play is the 248 Sweep. “The guards pull to theright,” said Fells. “I take the handoff from the quarterback (BlakeAdams) and make a complete 180 angle at the line of scrimmage andit’s off to the races.”

Against Salem, Fells scored touchdowns on runs of 2 and 11yards. He also worked as the Bears’ punter and got off several longpunts. On defense, the Bears limited Salem to 44 yards totaloffense and produced their first shutout.

Fells talked about his offensive line. “They played real good,”smiled Fells. “They did an excellent job Friday night.”

West Lincoln’s offensive linemen Fells talked about are PhilipJarancik at center, Chris Smith, Dan Lofton and Cody Warren atguard and Markie Smith and Jason Smith at tackle and Ian Smith andCasey Roberts at tight end. The team’s fullback is Alan Skates andLandon Case is the halfback.

Brumfield said he has seen improvement in Fells since springpractice. “Since the spring, he seems to be running a little bitharder. He has more confidence in what we are doingoffensively.”

Fells said the Bears (1-6, 1-4) face a tough Dexter (4-1, 4-1)team this week for homecoming. “We want to pull together as we didlast Friday. And not get too many penalties that will kill us.”

Brumfield, the fourth head coach in five years at West Lincoln,installed a summer weight training routine for the Bears. “Staceywas one of our steady lifters over the summer,” added Brumfield.”He’s pretty dedicated.”

Fells said he appreciated all the hard work and effort Brumfieldhas put into improving the football program. “He has helped us a alot. We have improved a lot. He’s done a great job.”

Fells said his favorite class is government and economics.

Not just a one-sport athlete, Fells also plays on the Bearsbasketball team as a forward/center.

Fells says after graduation he would like to go to college andmajor in the field of education. College football is not out of thequestion as Fells said he would definitely like to continueplaying.

Fells said his favorite college football team is Miami. In theNFL, Fells likes Miami Dolphins running back Rickey Williams.