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Symphony seeks new members

It’s not too late to pull those instruments out of the closetand join the Ole Brook Wind Symphony in producing harmonious piecesof music for all to enjoy.

The symphony, now in its second year, has begun practicing forits second concert, planned for Nov. 19, at the Brookhaven HighSchool Auditorium.

“We need some of the players who played last year to come back,and we need others who can play to join us as well,” said ShawFurlow, one of the directors.

Furlow said musicians are needed in all areas of the symphony,especially in the French horn section.

The Ole Brook Wind Symphony is made up of musically inclinedpeople of all ages, with a variety of skills, so all arewelcome.

“We’ve got people who are high school students now and peoplewho are retired. That’s what a community band is all about,” saidFurlow.

The area of concern right now is the number of peopleparticipating. Over the last few months, the number in attendanceeach week for practice has dwindled due to conflictingschedules.

Furlow hopes that as activities, such as softball, tennis andpee-wee football, come to an end many of the members will return topractice.

“Right now, we’re averaging about 20 people and we need 10-15more to come on a consistent basis… so we don’t have to reteachthe same thing every week,” he said.

The Ole Brook Wind Symphony practices every Tuesday at 7 p.m.,in the Alexander Junior High School band hall, located at thecorner of Turner Street and Grenn Street, unless otherwisespecified.

Furlow said the symphony is a great way to keep musicians’talents polished by allowing them to play their instruments withothers on a regular basis.

He pointed out that the symphony can be a wonderful outlet forthose who participated in band during high school or college, butnow have nowhere to play.

“Until recently with the start of the community band, once theygot out of college, there was nothing left for them to do,” hesaid.

The practices have proven to be a fun time for musicians fromall types of backgrounds brought together with a commondenominator.

“Those that come have a great time,” said Furlow. “We have funand we work hard to put on a great product.”