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Tuck makes political waves

Lt. Gov. Amy Tuck caused quite a “stir” Monday when sheannounced her decision to switch political parties and join theRepublicans.

The state GOP was delighted, as were the Democrats. “If you likeMike Parker, you will love Amy Tuck,” the official Democrat Partystatement read.

How things change in politics …

In 2000, the Republicans were attacking Tuck’s intellectualability. Now in 2002, the Democrats are the ones questioning herintegrity — obstructionist and irresponsible were among the niceradjectives.

Granted the die was cast months ago when Tuck voted against theDemocrats and Congressman Ronnie Shows by supporting aredistricting plan supported by Congressman Chip Pickering and theRepublicans. It was further set when Tuck sided against the triallawyers and with the business and medical community on tortreform.

As opening day for the 2003 political season begins in a fewshort weeks, it will be interesting to see who lines up to take onTuck. The trial lawyers are gunning for her, as is the stateDemocratic Party.

Then there is Ronnie Shows, who has his own ax to grind.