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Cancer latest setback during Cobb recovery

Family and friends of Brandi Cobb, the 15-year-old daughter ofSammy and Paula Cobb, are anxiously awaiting the results of achemotherapy treatment program.

Brandi has suffered from Cystic Fibrosis since birth andreceived a double-lung and liver transplant in September.

A tumor was discovered on both of Brandi’s lungs Nov. 25 andafter testing Nov. 26 doctors determined the tumors werepost-transplant lymphoproliferative disease (PTLD), a form ofcancer.

“It is not uncommon for this to happen to a transplant patient,”Paula said. “As usual, Brandi, “The Rock”, handled the news withgrace. She simply said that it is God’s plan for us to be herelonger.”

The family has been living in St. Louis for nearly two yearswaiting for the transplant and Brandi’s recovery.

“I know that everyone is having a very difficult time dealingwith the idea of Brandi having cancer now after everything she hasalready been through,” Sammy said. “We knew coming into thissituation that we would be trading one set of problems foranother.

“The threat of rejection, infection, all kinds of cancer andcertain types of viruses that can attack the new organs will alwaysbe hanging over our heads,” he added. “Brandi was very close todeath when she finally got her transplant. I thank God for thewonderful time we have had and I pray that it is just thebeginning.”

The doctors let Brandi enjoy Thanksgiving before starting herchemotherapy. She started taking the chemo medications on Nov. 29.She has one four-hour treatment a week.

“I was just about begging our doctor today to give me some kindof news about Brandi’s cancer,” Paula said. “He said that we aregoing to have to wait until we do another CT scan to find outanything.”

Brandi still has two weeks of treatments left before the doctorscan do another CT scan.

“Sammy and I are paranoid that the tumors are still there andnot going away. I suppose that time will tell,” Paula said.

Through it all, Sammy said, Brandi has maintained her “chipper”attitude and continued to view life positively.

Last week, she wanted to go play in the St. Louis snow.

“Needless to say,” he said, “her parents and the hospital staffsaid no to the snow. She wasn’t really disappointed. I think shebrought it up just to watch everybody squirm.”

Brandi loves to hear from her friends and neighbors back homeand urges anyone interested to log into her website atwww.caringbridge.com/page/brandicobb to post messages and sign theguestbook.