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School bond validation set for Thursday

The Lincoln County School Board bond issue process will bevalidated tomorrow following a public hearing for citizens toaddress any concerns they may have.

The hearing is primarily procedural and is required by law, saidM. Jason Akers, an attorney with Adams and Reese LLP, the firmretained by the school district to oversee the bond issue.

“Validation is simply a process where the chancellor givesnotice to the taxpayer that the bonds are being issued, and if theyhave any lawful objection to the bonds, then it is their time tocome forward,” Akers said.

The bond referendum gave the public the opportunity to disagreewith the bond sale, Akers said, and Thursday’s hearing gives theman opportunity to object to the bond sale procedures followed byhis firm and the district in obtaining the bond sale.

A legitimate legal objection Thursday would delay the closing ofthe bond sale until Judge Edward Patten, the case’s chancellor,could review the case. Otherwise, the bond sale will be validatedand Akers said the district could expect to see the funds aroundDec. 18.

“Objections are very, very rare at this stage,” Akers said.”We’re confident that everyone has done everything properly andthere is no valid reason for objection.”

The hearing will be held Thursday at 9 a.m. at the ChanceryCourt.

The $3.8 million bond issue will pay for improvements on each ofthe district’s four campuses.

The bond would essentially cover a new classroom building on theLoyd Star, Enterprise and West Lincoln campuses; a new cafeteriabuilding on the Bogue Chitto campus; and a new office complex onthe Enterprise campus with renovations to add office space at WestLincoln, according to Superintendent Perry Miller.

Other improvements include updating equipment and adding twoclassrooms on the Bogue Chitto campus and demolishing buildingsbuilt in the 1930s on the Loyd Star campus and an old gym on theWest Lincoln campus.

The old cafeteria on the Bogue Chitto campus will be keptavailable for future needs, Miller said, possibly a band hall ormore classrooms. Two new classrooms are included in the newcafeteria building.