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Officials seek water project help

Local officials should have more information Monday about grantpossibilities to assist with a proposed $2.3 million water systemimprovement project for the city.

To accommodate increased water demands, officials hope to linkthe project to business and industry expansions in pursuit ofCommunity Development Block Grant (CDBG) assistance.

“There are several projects that may help that project qualify,”said Chandler Russ, Brookhaven-Lincoln County Chamber of Commerceexecutive vice president.

Russ, City and County Engineer Carl Ray Furr and Roy Geoghegan,with Southwest Mississippi Planning and Development District, werescheduled to meet Monday with CDBG officials about economicdevelopment grant programs. Industrial projects that may help withgrant possibilities include an expansion at Delphi ElectricSystems, Wal-Mart Distribution Center’s pursuit of new employeesand the new Continental Carbonic plant.

“We’ll ask the state to give us some guidance as far as whichproject best fits their criteria,” Russ said.

Furr spoke to city officials in December about the new waterline project.

Furr said the project is needed to address current heavy wateruse by Specialty Minerals Inc. and the Continental Carbonic plant,which is expected to need about 600,000 gallons a month. He alsomentioned city annexation as a factor necessitating greater watercapacity.

The project involves installation of a new elevated water tankalong Interstate 55 and the drilling of a new water well south oftown. Plans call for the tank, with a 500,000 gallon capacity, tobe located along the interstate between Brookway Boulevard andHighway 550.

If Monday’s meeting is successful, Russ said officials wouldbegin preparing applications for CDBG grants. Ideally, the city andcounty would both apply for grants.

“You can actually do two projects,” Russ said. “The county canapply and the city can apply and the projects work in conjunctionwith one another.”