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Dumpsters will collect storm debris

Six large BFI dumpsters will be placed in the Loyd Starcommunity to assist residents in removing debris and other itemsfollowing an April 6 tornado that struck the area, county officialssaid.

County Administrator David Fields said the dumpsters will beplaced near a Jackson-Liberty Road mobile home park, which sawseveral trailers leveled during the storm, beginning Friday. Thedumpsters will be there until May 5.

Fields said the purpose of the dumpsters is to give residents aproper way of getting rid of storm debris and to keep it fromwinding up at the end of a dead end road or similar location.

“What we don’t want to have is a bunch of illegal dumps,” Fieldssaid.

Fields said Solid Waste Coordinator Ronnie Durr would monitorthe dumpsters and they would be emptied periodically.

No hazardous waste or metal items can be put in thedumpsters.

“We’re expecting a good turnout to be able to help the people,”Durr said. “Hopefully, these boxes will help them remove some ofthe storm debris.”

Durr said large appliances can be placed in a designatedlocation near the dumpsters. Tin can also be put out beside thedumpsters.

“We ask that no wood be attached to the metal,” Durr said. “Theylandfill won’t accept it if we do.”

County officials said they cannot go on private property, butresidents may place tin along the roadside for collection. They canthen contact Durr or District 5 Supervisor Gary Walker.

“We can make arrangements to come and pick it up,” Walkersaid.

County officials were also considering putting one of thedumpster on Bouie Mill Road and one at another area hit by thestorm. However, that decision had not been finalized Monday.