Trees of Life honor memory of Becky Fisk

Published 5:00 am Wednesday, May 14, 2003

The memory of a Brookhaven woman will live for decades to comethrough the beauty of trees planted at Brookhaven Elementary Schoolin her honor.

Becky Fisk, who died last year after a lengthy illness, wasremembered Tuesday during a Mississippi Organ Recovery Agency(MORA) Tree of Life ceremony at BES.

Family members, friends, donor families and donor recipientsgathered just a few feet from the 11 crepe myrtles planted near theparent pickup area at the school to dedicate the trees.

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“Life is represented in these trees on this campus. It’s aliving memorial,” said Becky’s husband, Dr. John Fisk.

Becky Fisk received a kidney two years ago from Brookhavenresident Eunice Brabham after more than four years of waiting for atransplant.

“Becky was blessed by God to have almost a year of life with aquality she had not known in the five years previous,” said herhusband. “What more important gift can anyone give than the gift oflife?”

Her appreciation for and involvement in MORA, the official organprocurement organization for Mississippi, inspired Becky Fisk tostart the Southwest Mississippi Transplant Awareness Group.

The group, which meets at 6 p.m. the second Tuesday of everymonth at the chamber of commerce, has helped countless donorfamilies, donor recipients and those waiting for donors, accordingto members.

Several were on hand for the ceremony to share the ways theirlives have changed with transplants.

“They had sent me home to die… but I got a 27-year-old heartin 1995, and I thank God for it,” said Bobby Hudson of the the LoydStar community.

Jan Reeves, whose sister Ellen died at age 29 and became adonor, expressed the importance of letting family members knowabout organ donation early in life.

“You can’t just sign a piece of paper or put a mark on your(driver’s) license,” said Reeves. “She (Ellen) made it known thatshe wanted to be an organ donor, and we were able to grant herwish. She would have been so thrilled to know that six lives werechanged.”

Dirk Porter of Bogue Chitto spoke about how a liver transplantgave him a second chance at life after doctors told him he only hadfive years to live.

“The real heroes are the organ donors and their families,” hesaid.

Family and friends of Becky Fisk hope the importance of organdonation will be reflected on the BES campus. The campus is slatedfor a complete landscaping makeover after large oak trees thatdecorated the front of the school had to be cut down several monthsago.

The Master Gardeners of Brookhaven are heading the project. Thecrepe myrtles and other supplies are possible through donations andgrants.

Warren Stamps and Lyle Hobbs, both of whom knew Becky Fisk, wereinstrumental in starting the project. They planted the crepemyrtles Monday afternoon.

“I went to church with Becky, and I prayed for her over the pastfive years,” said Stamps about his involvement. “Our lastconversation was about me helping her plant some trees, so I wantedto honor that.”