Candidates comment on particular needs in supervisor district

Published 5:00 am Tuesday, July 15, 2003

Editor’s Note: Today The DAILY LEADER continuesa special question-and-answer series with candidates in someimportant upcoming county elections. Featured today is the race forDistrict Three Supervisor. Both candidates are participating.

Do you think Lincoln County needs to upgrade the opticalscanner equipment used for voting in county elections? Pleaseexplain your answer.

Hollis Kelly: Yes, voting is a personal andprivileged transaction. Individuals should not have knowledge ofwho you vote for.

Nolan Williamson: Lincoln County has just paidfor the scanner we have now, on May 22 of this year. The board ofsupervisors received a letter from the secretary of state sayingthat any county considering buying new voting devices, voterregistration or mapping software, to wait until he had a betteridea on how much federal money will be available for this purpose,and how the federal government will distribute these funds.

What needs does your district have that are differentfrom the other four supervisor districts? Explain how you can makethe best use of the available funds to meet the needs of yourdistrict.

Hollis Kelly: More challenges because morebusinesses are located in District 3. After analyzing the availablefunds, I plan to use them fairly where improvements are mostneeded.

Nolan Williamson: Some districts have moregravel roads, more paved roads, more bridges and some with moreroad milage, but the needs are the same: MORE FUNDS to keepimproving in their districts.

In District 3, I will continue to make the most with the funds Iget. After this paving season, District 3 has paved and resealedbetter than 77 miles of road, replaced seven bridges 20 feet andlonger, and replaced six bridges under 20 feet with big pipes. Ihope to get started on two federal projects this year: Bogue Chittoand Topisaw bridge replacements.