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County men nabbed as part of drug bust

A Jackson man and several Lincoln County men are facing drugcharges following a Monday raid conducted as part of aninvestigation that began in Lincoln County several weeks ago,authorities said.

Julius Ray Corbin, 64, was arrested following the Monday raid athis Jackson home and charged with possession of methamphetamine andpossession of methamphetamine with intent to distribute. Corbin wasarrested after being pulled over on Interstate 20 in Pearl.

About $500,000 in cash, 12 vehicles and 30 guns were confiscatedby narcotics agents during the raid, authorities said.

Mississippi Bureau of Narcotics agents also confiscated abouttwo ounces of methamphetamine, said Ronnie Frazier, agent in chargeof the MBN office in McComb. Money was found in the attic and acloset, Frazier said.

Chris Picou, the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Department narcoticsofficer who worked with MBN agents during the investigation, saidmore money and methamphetamine were found Monday night at Corbin’sresidence. He estimated the total cash amount to be between$600,000 and $800,000.

“They’re supposed to be counting it today,” Picou said.

Authorities also said they found several vehicles outsideincluding race cars, a speed boat, a recreational vehicle and a GMCYukon Denali. Corbin was driving a Pontiac Trans AM whenarrested.

The Monday activity resulted from an investigation that Picouand MBN agents Billy Warner, Tony Powell and Connor Magee had beenworking on in Lincoln County for three or four weeks.

At 5 a.m. Friday, authorities executed a search warrant at the2131 Big Ern Trail home of Carl Andrew “Andy” Smith. Smith, 49, wasarrested and charged with possession of methamphetamine.

“We were able to get several bags of methamphetamine,” Picousaid.

During the warrant execution, Picou said Ricky Lynn Oliver, 43,of 2555 Old Red Star Road, pulled up at the Smith residence. Oliverwas arrested and charged with possession of marijuana.

On Sunday afternoon, Picou said authorities received informationthat some items were being taken from Smith’s residence. He saidauthorities were considering seizing the property and aninvestigation led to two additional arrests.

Citing safety concerns, Picou did not identify the two menarrested Sunday.

Frazier said Corbin is considered to be one of the larger methdealers in the state. Corbin has an extensive criminal history,including a murder charge in Texas, MBN officials said.

Agents suspect Corbin was being supplied with drugs fromCalifornia, Frazier said.

Picou said there was a link between the drugs in Jackson andLincoln County.

“This really puts a dent in the methamphetamine trafficking herein Lincoln County,” Picou said.

Frazier said Picou played an important role in the investigationand did an excellent job working with MBN agents.

“He worked right along with us every step of the way,” Fraziersaid.

Lincoln County Sheriff Lynn Boyte was appreciative of hisofficers’ efforts.

“We’re proud to be a part of it,” Boyte said. “Our guys workedit hard for three or four days.”

Lincoln County officials pointed out that the sheriff’sdepartment will be entitled to a large percentage of the proceedsfrom the seized funds and sale of the vehicles. Frazier said thecase is headed to federal court and federal officials will decidehow the proceeds will be divided.

“Lincoln County will get an equal or bigger share than anybody,”Frazier said.