Officers arrest two in ‘crack’ drug bust

Published 5:00 am Thursday, August 21, 2003

Authorities believe a drug bust Wednesday morning will break upa large crack cocaine operation in the area.

Two people were arrested and approximately $15,000 worth ofcrack cocaine was seized by authorities at a mobile home on OldWesson Road around 7:30 a.m.

Adrian Barlow, 25, and Shanka Butler, 24, both of 414 Old WessonRoad, were arrested following a search of the residence. Barlow,who faces charges of possession with intent to distribute, remainsin the Lincoln County Jail on a $250,000 bond. Butler was releasedon her own recognizance.

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“This was a major distributor to the Brookhaven/Lincoln Countyarea,” said Scott Thompson, an agent with the Southwest MississippiNarcotics Unit (SMNU).

Also involved in the bust were officers from the BrookhavenPolice Department, Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office and MississippiDepartment of Corrections.

While making a visit to Barlow, who is on probation for adistribution of cocaine charge, authorities searched the residenceafter receiving information that drugs were on the premises.

They discovered five and a half ounces of crack cocaine hiddenaround the plumbing for the bathtub.

“This is the largest amount of crack (cocaine) that we havegotten around here in a long time,” said Dustin Bairfield, LCSOnarcotics agent. “It will have a major impact on Lincoln Countybecause of the amount of drugs being brought in.”

Bairfield said the investigation showed Barlow was resupplyinghis stash with same amount every week.

Authorities also found one ounce of marijuana and confiscated$13,388 in cash and $1,000 in counterfeit money during thesearch.

Work among the investigating agencies was praised byofficers.

“The cooperation between the state and local agencies seems toalways have a good impact,” said John Douglas, deputy commander ofSMNU. “Any amount of drugs that we can get off the streets isbeneficial to the people of Lincoln County and Brookhaven, andwe’re going to keep doing it.”

Assistant Brookhaven Police Chief Nolan Jones echoed Douglas’comments on the work between agencies to reach the common goal ofgetting drugs off the streets.

“They did a fantastic job. Everybody worked good together. Itmade me proud,” said Jones.

Sheriff Lynn Boyte praised the work of officers, pointing outthe benefits the bust will bring to the entire community.

“It’s a law enforcement problem, but it’s also everybody’sproblem. The results of this are long reaching. It toucheseverybody,” he said, mentioning how the abuse of drugs ruins thelives of the users, their family members and the innocent peoplewho are often victims of burglary to support the habit.