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Board OKs more work for leadership college

WESSON — More work is on tap in the renovation project at theOld Wesson School, the board of aldermen decided Tuesday duringtheir monthly meeting.

“We still have money left over from the initial money from thegrants. If it’s not used, we have to give it back,” said MayorAlton Shaw.

The Old Wesson School is being renovated to house the SaintAmbrose Leadership College, a residential school for 20-25 malehigh school graduates. The students will learn leadership,etiquette and other skills while taking classes at Copiah-LincolnCommunity College.

Shaw explained that the original work order had been completedand requested a change order to include additional work. The workwill include repairing a hole in the second floor of the 1839building as well as paving the drive, concreting the steps andfixing the mortar that has worn away over the years.

Board members approved the change order. Alderman Hollis CowenJr. made a motion that payments in conjunction with any work at OldWesson School be submitted for board approval first.

“That keeps us totally involved with how the money’s beingspent,” he said as the board approved his motion.

Cowen also noted that he was pleased with the work on the schooland complimented the efforts of St. Ambrose Leadership CollegeDirector Morgan Shands, town engineer Jeff Knight, District 92 Rep.Dr. Jim Barnett.

In other improvement projects in the town, board members onceagain hope to move forward in communications with two Highway 51property owners toward repairing or tearing down thoseproperties.

The board voted to send another letter to property owners BobbyLumley and John Hamilton asking them to correspond with townofficials or show up at the next board meeting to discuss theirplans. The next meeting is scheduled for 7 p.m., Nov. 4, at townhall.

Organizations wishing to raise money by asking motorists fordonations at the town’s main four-way stop on Highway 51 will haveto get permission from the town first, board members decidedTuesday.

The “road block” fund raisers have caused some problems and, inorder to have a more organized effort, groups will need to contacttown hall first, said Shaw.

“They also have to post what they’re doing and who they are.There’s also limitations of when they can do it,” he said, addingthat the police department will enforce the policy.

Also, groups must be from Wesson or within five miles of thetown limits. In the past, organizations from other towns, citiesand states have used the four-way stop.

Board members tabled another matter asking for more time to lookinto the possible purchase of property across the street from townhall for an investment. They plan to discuss the possibility at thenext meeting.

In open discussion, a few residents took issue with the policedepartment and its efforts to set up road blocks, issue citationsand make arrests. Members of the Concerned Citizens Group alsoquestioned again why the town employed people from LincolnCounty.

Cowen encouraged residents to come to the board and mayor withany complaints immediately rather than waiting until the monthlymeeting. He also addressed Tuesday’s complaints by saying: “Thisboard supports Lance Falvey as chief of police.”