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City needs new verse for annexation tune

Following board action last week, Brookhaven officials are nowplaying with new estimates on how much it will cost to triple thecity’s size through annexation. But regardless of what book theboard is singing from, the annexation tune has stayed the same.

City fathers have yet to provide any estimates on how much theannexation will cost in terms of additional manpower, equipment andother needs. And, as it did again last week, the board continues toretreat behind closed doors whenever the annexation issue israised.

The reason last week for not releasing the new Facilities andServices plan, which includes projections on adding personnel,estimated costs, a time table for providing services and afinancial feasibility analysis, was that annexation objectors hadnot been given a copy first.

That’s fine, but when will the board’s current constituents geta glimpse of the data? After all, they are the ones who arecontinuing to foot the bill for the annexation activities.

More openness on the part of the board would go a long waytoward answering questions and alleviating concerns of residents onboth sides of the city limits.

That tune, however, is one city fathers have yet to hear. Andcity taxpayers are left to wonder if they ever will.