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Officials work on transition for alderman

Brookhaven and Lincoln County officials are continuingpreparations for the Rev. Jerry L. Wilson’s transition from thecity board of aldermen to the county board of supervisors.

Following his election as District One Supervisor, Wilson willbe sworn in along with other county officials in January. A datefor the swearing-in has not been set, but it is expected to beduring the first week of the month, said Chancery Clerk TillmonBishop.

Once Wilson is sworn in, his position as Ward Three Aldermanwill be declared vacant, said City Clerk Iris Rudman Smith. Wilsonis prohibited from holding both elected offices simultaneously.

“When he’s sworn in there, this becomes vacant,” Smith said.

Smith said the city board will set a date for a specialelection. The special election, to fill the remainder of Wilson’sterm through July 2005, must be at least 30 days but not more than45 days after the vacancy is declared.

“In February, we’ll have an election,” Smith said.

Meanwhile, at Monday’s supervisors meeting, county officialsdiscussed moving county barn and other equipment off currentDistrict One Supervisor Vedia Givens’ property. Terms of the lease,which required the county to pay no money, say it will be “null andvoid” when Givens is no longer supervisor.

“For her benefit and the county’s benefit, I think it needs tobe moved,” said Bob Allen, board attorney.

Supervisors have been looking for a location for a new countybarn. Givens said she had pursued several land purchase optionsunsuccessfully.

“I can’t find anywhere to put it,” she said.

The board discussed putting the barn near the East LincolnVolunteer Fire Department. Clifford Galey, with the volunteer firedepartment, said the barn would need to be off to the side so thatit would not block the station.

The site was acceptable to Wilson, who appeared at the boardmeeting for the barn discussion.

“It’ll be all right,” Wilson said.

Instead of next to the fire station, the barn could be located ashort distance closer to town on East Lincoln Road. Allen wasexpected to explore lease possibilities for a barn site and reportback to the board.

Givens and Wilson also discussed a number of pending DistrictOne project, including the County Farm Road widening and pavingwork. Wilson said he would be working with Givens to complete thatwork.

“We’ll take care of that first and so from there,” Wilsonsaid.