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Words of relief, thanks follow news of Saddam’s capture

Area residents greeted news of Saddam Hussein’s capture withwords of relief that he had been found and hope for a better futurein Iraq.

“I praised the Lord for it,” said Jimmy Alexander, of Jayess, ashe stopped at a downtown Brookhaven business Monday morning. “Ihave a nephew over there.”

Alexander’s nephew, John Shoemake, is in the Army’s 82 Airbornespecial operations division stationed in Iraq. Shoemake has alsobeen part of the U.S. mission in Afghanistan.

“He’s been in both places,” Alexander said.

Alexander spoke with his nephew recently about patrolling Iraqand the terrorist acts against U.S. troops. Alexander described theacts as “meanness” and was hopeful that more of Saddam’slieutenants would be captured soon.

“Hopefully, once they get some of the other people, some of thatwill die down,” Alexander said.

Brookhaven resident Ricky Lagrone, making a stop at the postoffice this morning, said he was “thrilled” to hear that Husseinhad been captured.

“Hopefully, it’s going to cut down on some of the war effortover there and bring some troops back home,” Lagrone said.

While enjoying a cup of coffee at a downtown business, BogueChitto’s Judy Hart Bermea cited a number of positive possibilitiesresulting from the capture.

“I think it’s wonderful,” Bermea said. “It’s going to be a bigmoral boost for the military.”

Demonstrating some conservative leanings, Bermea said she hopedthe capture would help President George Bush in his re-electionefforts. She also alluded to the fact that another terroristremains on the loose.

“Maybe Osama bin Laden will be next,” Bermea said.

On his way to work today, Brookhaven banker Tom Monroe saidHussein’s capture is a relief for the U.S. and for the Iraqi peoplewho have suffered under his dictatorship.

“Maybe things over there can get settled and start movingforward for the Iraqi people,” Monroe said.

Monroe said there already indications that the capture wouldhave a positive impact on the economy.

“It’s going to have an effect on market conditions…,” saidMonroe. “It’s great news as we head into 2004.”