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Not all happy with District One barn site

A dispute between a county supervisor and East Lincoln Roadresidents prompted a few heated words about the new District OneCounty Barn at Monday’s county board meeting.

District One Supervisor the Rev. Jerry Wilson became defensivewhen several supervisors mentioned they had received complaintsabout the placement of the new district barn.

Wilson announced in January his intentions to build a districtbarn near the East Lincoln Volunteer Fire Department. The firedepartment will separate the barn from a cemetery and East LincolnBaptist Church.

Wilson had met with residents of the area and discussed the newlocation, but there was apparently some misunderstandings aboutwhat was said.

The residents apparently understood the supervisor would leavesome trees between the buildings to serve as a beautificationbuffer zone.

Those trees were cut down last week, and district ThreeSupervisor Nolan Earl Williamson said he had received somecomplaints.

“We did not do what we said we were going to do,” he said.

Wilson shot back that he had done what he said he would do.

“I’m an elected supervisor, and he’s not,” Wilson said,referring to the person who lodged the complaint. “I have the rightto put it where I want it. I’m not going to put it out in thewoods. There’s a concrete slab where I want it, but he wants itfarther back (from the road).”

The person who lodged the complaint was not identified.

Wilson said if the residents would give him time to get thebuilding constructed, the area would be cleaned up and would lookgood.

“We’re going to make it nice. It’ll be fenced,” he said.

Williamson said supervisors should hold to their promises andwork with residents when constructing buildings for county use.

“If the man wants a bush, leave the bush. If he wants a tree,leave the tree,” he said.

The trees were supposed to block the view of the barn from thecemetery and church, Williamson said.

“It ain’t bothering the cemetery. Those folks are dead. Theydon’t care,” Wilson said. “I’ll make it look good for the church.Everything will be out of the way. They won’t see it.”

One of the reasons Wilson became so upset, he said, was because”the man will talk to you, not to me.”

County Attorney Bob Allen said he would talk to the peopleinvolved to work out a solution beneficial to both sides.