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Help agencies need some support, too

This community is blessed to have some fine civic and serviceorganizations at work to improve the quality of life here. Two ofthose groups are now involved in some big projects.

After many years without a facility to call its own, theBrookhaven Animal Rescue League has started work on a building nearthe Gove Thermometer Plant. When completed, the facility willencompass 2,700 square feet and include dog runs, a puppy room, acat room, and an office.

Due to financial concerns, BARL must do construction in stages.Now, they are getting dirt and foundation work done.

Also in the first stages of a new building project is Habitatfor Humanity of Lincoln County. The Christian housing ministry,which builds inexpensive houses in partnership with the community’sneedy, is doing dirt and foundation work at its site on GrennStreet. This will be the fifth house built by Habitat volunteersand sold to a partner family. A sixth house, which was donated toorganization, was also sold to a low income family.

Both of these agencies do a fine job in our community with theresources and volunteers they have. Both could do more withadditional help in the form of donations and volunteer time. Weencourage others to get involved. Helping these agencies helps ourcommunity.