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Transformer falls on truck

Butch Baker had a slight problem to deal with before being ableto go home Thursday evening: an electric company’s fallen powertransformer was on his truck.

Baker, owner of Baker’s Pharmacy on North Jackson Street, saidthe business had been closed about 30 minutes when he and his wife,Louise, heard a noise around 6:30 p.m. They went outside to find a2,040-pound transformer resting on the hood of his 2000 Dodge RamSRT, which had been parked near a utility pole.

“It sounded like a house falling out of the sky,” Baker said.”I’m just glad nobody was out here.”

Kenny Goza, Entergy customer account manager, estimated theutility pole that held the transformer had been in place at least30 years.

“The pole broke off at the top,” Goza said.

The fallen transformer knocked out power to a nearby floristshop and several other businesses in the area. With repair crews onthe scene, Goza did not expect business owners would be affected bythe outage.

“We’ll have everything back to normal by morning,” Gozasaid.

Goza also said the state Department of Environmental Quality wasnotified of the accident. A DEQ team arrived around 8:30 p.m.Thursday to clean up some oil that spilled in the accident.

“The oil is not contaminated, but they have to clean it up,”Goza said.

The fallen transformer crushed the truck’s hood and shatteredthe windshield on the passenger’s side. Baker shook his head as heretrieved some items from the truck’s cab and discussed theaccident with family members and others.

“I’m glad nobody was hurt,” Baker said.

Baker said he had been driving the truck about three monthssince his brother Larry passed away.

“I wasn’t expecting something like this,” Baker said. “This hasgiven everybody a little excitement for the day.”