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City schools set to resume classes

The new year school bell rings for the first time Wednesday asBrookhaven School District students begin classes.

Brookhaven Academy students go for a half-day orientation Fridaybefore they and Lincoln County School District start full daysMonday. Faculty meetings and staff development programs are beingheld this week to get teachers ready for the new year.

During Monday’s faculty meeting, Interim BrookhavenSuperintendent James Tillman encouraged teachers to keep an eye onhelping children learn.

“Our goal is results,” Tillman said. “It is essential we settlefor nothing less than excellence.”

Tillman said the future of the state and nation is dependent onpreparation of young people. He touted Brookhaven’s role in helpingstudents reach new heights of academic achievement.

“When people think of great schools, I want them to think ofBrookhaven,” Tillman said.

Tillman said the Mississippi School of the Arts can help tospread that image, with students at the residential arts schooltaking some non-arts classes at Brookhaven High School. MSAstudents held their traditional candlelight service, reminiscent ofwhen Whitworth was a college campus, Monday night.

Two city schools, Lipsey and Alexander Junior High School, willhave people in new leadership positions.

Lorraine Carey will be Lipsey’s principal this year, succeedinglong-time principal Rita Rich, who retired last year. Carey saidshe is excited to be leading the school.

“We’re interested in good things,” Carey said.

At AJHS, Kim Wand is the new assistant principal to LeVanderGerman.

Wand comes to the school after two years at MSA as director ofacademics. She said she views Alexander as an excitingchallenge.

“I look forward to working with everybody,” Wand said. “It’s afantastic school.”

Following the district-wide meeting, teachers returned to theirrespective schools for other staff development and to prepare theirrooms.

At Brookhaven Elementary, new music teacher Kathy Sullivan wasdecorating her room Monday afternoon. This is the first year forthe music program at BES.

“I’ll see every third and fourth grade class at least once aweek and most twice a week,” Sullivan said.

Sullivan said students will learn the fundamentals of music,including singing, composing and learning to read music. They willalso dance and do some music improvisation.

Sullivan was appreciative of the new keyboard for classinstruction. She also credited BES Principal Pam Fearn for hersupport of the music program.

“She’s been really helpful,” Sullivan said.

City school officials are anticipating approximately 3,000students for the new year. Lincoln County is expecting around 2,800and BA in the neighborhood of 475 students.