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New school year brings changes to Enterprise campus

Dear Editor:

With the start of school just only a few days away, parents andstudents of Enterprise Attendance Center need to be aware ofseveral changes on the school’s campus. We anticipate some initialconfusion as people come to our campus the first day, but parentsand students will quickly adjust to the changes. Students canexpect an enlarged cafeteria, new classrooms and offices, and othernoticeable improvements around campus.

One change that people will notice immediately is the accessdrives to Highway 583 are now gated and locked. This was a safetyconcern. We had a few wrecks as people tried to turn onto campusfrom 583, so we want people to enter Enterprise from Topisaw Drive.Like last year, parent drop-off and pick-up will loop beside thestudent parking area and around to the back of campus. Trafficreally gets backed up with parent pick-up, so we encourage parentsto have students ride the bus whenever possible. Due to a lack ofstudent parking, parents are also encouraged to have their highschool students either car pool or ride the bus.

Another change that visitors need to know is the school officehas moved. Our office is located in the new elementary building atthe front of the school. The old offices now house the school nurseand speech pathologist. Kindergarten through second grade is alsolocated in the new building. We hope to have PTA members availablethe first day to help guide students and parents to their classes.If anyone has any questions they are encouraged to call the schoolat 833-7284.

Shannon Eubanks,

Enterprise principal