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Arrest made in purse-snatching

A Brookhaven man was in custody Monday after a purse-snatchingincident Friday night.

Gregory Davenport, 38, of 214 Pennington St., was arrestedaround 7:30 p.m. Friday and charged with strong-arm robbery, PoliceChief Pap Henderson said.

The chief said the victim left Stop ‘N’ Shop at 923 E.Monticello St. and was approached from behind by a man who grabbedher purse. The man then fled behind the building and ran north, hesaid.

“We have very good witnesses who saw everything that happenedwho identified (Davenport),” Henderson said.

No one was injured in the incident but the victim was upset, hesaid.

Davenport was apprehended on Williams Street shortly after theincident.

“He was headed in the direction of home when he wasapprehended,” Henderson said.

Although police recovered many of the items in the purse, somehave not been found.

“We didn’t recover everything,” Henderson said. “Theinvestigation is still ongoing, but we were able to make thearrest.”