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Board awaits OK to clean up fire site

School officials are still awaiting approval to remove debrisfrom a fire that destroyed the original West Lincoln AttendanceCenter building.

“All we’re waiting on is approval from (the Department ofEnvironmental Quality),” Superintendent Terry Brister said.

The district on Sept. 23 accepted a bid of $40,000 to remove thedebris, he said.

Brister said he expected approval from DEQ soon.

“We’re hoping they can get started on it this week,” hesaid.

The superintendent said he wanted to move quickly because he wasconcerned about the potential of injuries associated with theburned, abandoned structure.

The “old Green Building” caught fire and was severely damagedSept. 16. Although it was to be demolished in the near future, thebuilding still housed a few classrooms.

The Green Building was constructed in 1937 with twothree-classroom wings and held students in grades one through 12.The building was gradually added on to over the years with ascience building and auditorium. It was still used as a study halland for storage of some athletic equipment and old books, Bristersaid.