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Plans for industrial park are ‘under way’

Brookhaven aldermen continue to move toward a $1.8 million bondissue to fund the city’s part of a new industrial park.

After aldermen approved a resolution of intent in September,there were no objections heard during a public hearing prior toTuesday’s city board meeting. No objections means the city boardcan proceed with the bond issue when needed.

“We’re under way,” said City Attorney Joe Fernald after theboard meeting.

Also Tuesday, the city board voted to retain bond issue attorneyRandy Wall to assist officials with financial aspects of theproposal. Officials plans to use the bond issue in conjunction with$500,000 in city economic development funds to meet itsobligation.

The city funds would be combined with a $2.2 million bond issuebeing considered by county supervisors and about $500,000 inprivate funds raised by the chamber of commerce to purchase landand provide infrastructure for a new industrial park.

Supervisors are working on a bond issue but are not as far alongin the process as the city. Community officials also are workingtogether to seek federal grant assistance with part of theproject.

Wall was also retained Tuesday to help with a tax incrementfinancing plan bond issue to provide infrastructure to a proposedHome Depot site on Brookway Boulevard. The bond issue would not bedone for several months, but Wall’s assistance is needed with somepreliminary work, Mayor Bob Massengill said.

“We need to begin this preliminary work,” Massengill said.

In other economic development-related activity,Brookhaven-Lincoln County Chamber of Commerce President Kenny Gozaupdated aldermen on the search for a new executive vice-president.A new person is needed to replace Chandler Russ, who left inOctober to take a job with the Tennessee Valley Authority inTupelo.

Goza said a field of 10 applicants had been narrowed to four anda search committee was working on making a recommendation for theposition.

“We hope to have in the next week or so someone in that job,”Goza said.

Also Tuesday, Massengill said bids for a downtown paving projectare scheduled to be received Dec. 6. Several streets are to bepaved and sidewalks made handicap accessible as part of theproject.

In voting to advertise the project, aldermen voiced holidayshopping-related concerns in requesting the project not start untilat least January. If possible, the board said the sidewalk workcould start before then.

Massengill, however, said the sidewalk work could not beseparated from the paving part of the project.

“None of the work would begin until after the first of theyear,” Massengill said.