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Grand jury issues 103 indictments

More than 100 indictments were returned last week during thefinal session of the June term of the Lincoln County GrandJury.

“It was a large grand jury,” said Assistant District AttorneyDiane Jones. “We returned a lot of true bills.”

In all, 103 indictments were issued during the three-day sessionthat concluded Wednesday. Last week’s session followed two earliermeetings in which 36 indictments were issued, bringing to total forthe June term to 119.

Of the latest indictments, Jones said the major categories ofoffenses included 26 bad check charges and approximately 30involving drug-related crimes.

Jones also mentioned some cases of aggravated assaults, severalburglaries, DUIs, and false pretense. There were no homicideindictments homicides.

Since indictments are not public record until the accused isserved with a copy of the court record, Jones was unable to discussspecifics of any of the cases. Newly indicted defendants arescheduled to be arraigned Dec. 6 before Judge Mike Smith, saidLincoln County Circuit Clerk Terry Lynn Watkins.

During the term, grand jurors heard from Chancery Clerk TillmonBishop. Bishop reported that the county is in good financial shapeand all monies owed the county have been paid, according thereport.

The grand jury also toured the jail during the term.

“The jail personnel seemed well-instructed in their duties andcourteous,” the report said. “We found the prisoners to bewell-secured and humanely treated.”

In addition to indictments, the grand jury voted to continue 13cases. The panel voted to not return indictments in 16 cases.

Watkins said a new grand jury is scheduled to be empaneled inJanuary before Judge Keith Starrett.