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Stomach virus prompts school absences; game rescheduled

Enterprise Attendance Center officials reported a “substantial”number of absences due to a stomach virus at the school. The rashof illnesses also has prompted officials to reschedule a Fridaynight basketball game.

“We’ve had some sickness this week,” said Principal ShannonEubanks.

Eubanks could not provide the exact number of students absentbut said it was unusually high. He said several students hadexhibited symptoms common with the flu or a stomach virus.

“We’ve had kind of a high number of absences today,” Eubankssaid Friday.

He attributed the absences to actual sickness and some parentsbeing cautious in anticipation of next week’s Thanksgivingholidays. Lincoln County schools will be closed next week.

“They don’t want the holidays spoiled by sickness,” saidEubanks, adding that some absences could be because of earlyholiday travel plans.

Eubanks said he had spoken with Wesson Attendance CenterPrincipal Billy Britt and agreed to postpone Friday night’sbasketball game. The game is now scheduled for Jan. 8 atWesson.

Wesson was to host tonight’s game, but Eubanks said some ofEnterprise basketball players were ill and didn’t want to riskexposure to other players and fans.

“With a virus, it doesn’t take much to spread,” said Eubanks,adding that postponing a game when players are ill is courtesy areaschools try to extend to each other.

Lincoln County School District officials reported a few absencesat other county schools, but nothing on the level of Enterprise.Officials are hopeful that all students can return to schoolhealthy after the holidays.