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Strong Hope to host Acappella Dec. 11

Nothing is wrong with the church organ. The church piano hasjust been tuned. But those and all other instruments will be silentduring the next concert at Strong Hope Baptist Church.

During the concert, at 7 p.m. Dec. 11, the only instruments thatwill resound through the room are the voice boxes of theartists.

“Acappella is such a unique group,” said Rod Martin, of Wesson,Strong Hope youth pastor. “Their sound is distinct and beautiful,and the way they glorify Jesus even makes it more beautiful.”

It’s so well done,” Martin said, “that it’s easy to forget theyare not using instruments.”

Members of Acappella, a contemporary Christian recording groupsince 1985, use only their voices in rhythm and harmony to conveytheir message to the audience.

“That’s where the name comes from,” Martin explained. “Acappella literally means ‘in the chapel’ and traditionallysignifies singing without accompaniment.”

“People have asked me what style the group sings, and I amreally at a loss to tell them,” he said, “because Acappella’s rangeis so wide – from traditional hymns to reggae to Gregorian worshipchant. Their concerts usually have something that everyone willlike.”

The church is hosting the concert as a fund-raiser for the youthministry at Strong Hope. Tickets may be purchased for $10 eachbefore the concert and will be sold at the door if any remain.

Anyone interested my call Martin at (601) 894-1971 to arrangefor tickets or to make donations to support the youth ministry.

“This concert is not the first God-sized step of faith thischurch has taken,” Martin said, “and it will not be the last. Hehas always been so good to us, so we stepped out on faith to builda large, new sanctuary two years ago.”

“This year,” Martin said, “we hope to fill it with peopleworshiping Him with unaccompanied praise. That is our goal.”