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Reception Friday for Starrett

A public reception for Judge Keith Starrett will be held Fridayfrom 3-5 p.m. in the Circuit Court room to celebrate hisconfirmation to the U.S. Southern District Court.

Starrett was confirmed late last month to replace Judge CharlesPickering on the federal district court. He has been a circuitcourt judge for Lincoln, Pike and Walthall counties since 1992.

“It’s exciting to think about the challenges and the newopportunities that working on the federal bench has,” Starrett saidwhen he was confirmed. “It’s also bittersweet because I’vedeveloped so many friendships and have worked with so many goodpeople around here.”

Starrett said he expected his work on the federal bench will besimilar to what he had done in the circuit court district. He washopeful that Drug Court, a program he pioneered in the stateseveral years ago, will continue.