Sheriff: Meth labs destroyed; 7 arrested

Published 6:00 am Monday, January 17, 2005

Seven people were arrested and three meth labs destroyed in thebreakup of a drug ring in Lincoln County law enforcement officialssaid.

“All of these drugs were here in Lincoln County. This wasn’tinterstate trafficking,” said Sheriff Wiley Calcote. “These aresome of the major meth dealers in Lincoln County.”

Narcotics Officer Kevin Cartwright said the cases evolved over aperiod of “eight months or more.”

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Deputies began raiding the labs Wednesday.

Timothy Ray Dunn, 47, of 646 Rollins Drive, was arrested at hisresidence and charged with conspiracy to manufacture meth,possession with intent, possession of precursor chemicals andmanufacturing meth with intent to sell.

Dunn’s girlfriend, Rhonda Eireen Hodges, 38, who lives at thesame address, was charged with conspiracy to manufacture meth.

Calcote said Hodges received the single, lesser charge because”we cannot prove that she was manufacturing it, but we can provethat she knew it was being made.”

Deputies left the Dunn residence and raided the home of CarlAndy Smith, 49, of 2137 Big Iron Trail. Smith was charged withconspiracy to manufacture meth, transfer of meth, possession ofprecursor chemicals and possession of meth with intent.

“We actually found two labs at Andy Smith’s,” Cartwright said.”He had one in a vehicle and evidence of one in a burn pile.”

Timing can often prove beneficial in determining when to make araid, Calcote said.

“While at Andy Smith’s running the search warrant, three peopledrove up at his house. We have felony cases on them also,” Calcotesaid.

Lindsay Edward Myers, 41, of Meadville, was charged withpossession of precursor chemicals and conspiracy.

“He drove up with all the precursors in his car,” Calcote said.”He brought them to Andy Smith’s, and they were fixing to do acook.”

“Cook” is a slang term that describes the process ofmanufacturing meth.

Later, Bobby Floyd King, 45, and his wife, Christina Marie King,41, both of 7605 Highway 84, McCall Creek, drove into the driveway.Bobby Floyd King was charged with possession of marijuana in amotor vehicle, possession of meth and conspiracy. Christina MarieKing faces charges of conspiracy and possession of a controlledsubstance, the prescription drug hydrocodone.

Calcote said Myers and the Kings were unable to pass on by whenthey saw the sheriff’s department at Smith’s house.

“It’s a dead-end road. They had nowhere to go,” Calcote said.”Everyone who drove in the driveway ended up being charged with afelony.”

After leaving the Smith residence, deputies converged on thehome of David Lofton, 42, of Raymond Trail, McCall Creek. He wasarrested at his home and charged with conspiracy to manufacturemeth, possession of precursor chemicals and manufacturing meth withintent.

“They were a team. They were all working together,” Calcotesaid.

The sheriff praised the work of the officers involved in thedrug busts.

“A lot of hard work went into these cases,” Calcote said. “Maybethis has made an impact on meth production in Lincoln County.”