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Get to work on new train station

Dear Editor,

The last week in June of 2004, we had relatives that came hereto attend our family reunion and our church’s homecoming.

They traveled by train, thinking it would be more convenient.Their return home to Texas was to be by train, leaving fromBrookhaven. They were informed to appear at the departing stationone hour prior to the time of departure. They were astonished torealize where they were to wait, “blazing hot in that ‘sweat box’ “they had to sit in.

We were concerned that one lady who had had complicated heartsurgery might have a heat stroke! We went inside a room (in the olddepot) where there were computers, TVs, etc. in use and were told,”no train customers may wait here.”

So it was “sit and sweat.” By the time the train arrived, theywere literally dripping wet and exhausted! Most of all, they weredevastated by their experience and having to travel smellingterrible just because of having to sit in the “hot box”waiting.

I’m sure others have had the same experience. Life is tooprecious to expose people to such trauma as this.

The board of aldermen and who ever else should get busy and geton with the project (of building a new train station). As the oldsaying goes “Get off of it, get with it and get it done.”

If nothing else, put a small building there with windows and putan air conditioner in it until they make up their minds what todo.

Delores Burris,