Take care when turning, drivers

Published 6:00 am Wednesday, March 9, 2005

Dear Editor,

Would someone (everyone) please notice that too many drivers atthe intersection in front of King’s Daughters Medical Center(Highway 51 and Biglane Drive) are carelessly unaware of themselvesand lose patience with oncoming traffic. They refuse to wait formore than a few minutes before turning too slowly, too quickly, toosoon or too late (depending on perspective), barely missingnumerous oncoming vehicles.

Whatever sort of traffic problem it is, it seems a suitable andvital concern to prevent accidents, as the business of some sort ofadministrative or governmental office, recommending bettertreatment of traffic. Various unconcerned motorists are not takingthe time to think how they are likely going to be involved in aseriously debilitating accident, not just during school-bussing orhigh-traffic hours.

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David L. Roberts,