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Robert Hartwell ‘Bubba’ Herring

Robert Hartwell “Bubba” Herring a man who was well respected anddearly loved by family and friends, died at his home on February25, 2005, at the age of 76. Bubba was preceded in death by his son,Bill Herring; his father and mother, Frank Herring and GenevieveCook; and his sister, Viva Hefley.

He is survived by his wife of 54 years, Doris; four children,Eleanor Pate (Keith Pate), Teresa Everett (Perry Everett), RobertHerring Jr. and Lewis Herring (Sandra Herring); ten grandchildren,Bill Paulk (Jenny Paulk), Neil Everett (Sarah Everett), ShelleyWonson (Brett Wonson), Juli Herring, Nathan Everett, Byron Paulk,Allison Everett, Brandon Herring, Robby Herring and AmyHerring.

Bubba lived his childhood and young adult life in Brookhaven,Mississippi. He briefly attended Auburn University, returned toMississippi where he married Doris, began a family, and started acareer with International Paper (IP) at their Moss Point Mill. IPmoved Bubba and his family to Camden and Pine Bluff, Arkansas, andto Mobile, his birthplace, in 1974. As a 35-year employee of IP,Bubba possessed a

work ethic typical of his generation. But all who knew him wouldsay that his unique talent was his ability to work with people.After retiring from IP, Bubba secured a license in real estate andworked with Norman Realty where he quickly parlayed hisprofessional and social experience into excellent salesmanship.Even today, some of his dearest friends live in homes that he soldto them. After retiring from the real estate business, Bubbacontinued with other enterprises such as selling Exceltelecommunications. It came as no surprise to his family,especially to his grandchildren, that he would continue workingpast retirement, for at every opportune time, he reminded them thathe had been working every day since he was 13-years old. “Active”is probably one of the best words to describe the way Bubba livedhis life. If he was not working, he was competing in a game.Whether it was golf, tennis, or cards, he relished the camaraderiewith his friends and family. Everyone enjoyed Bubba’s competitivespirit. He was unmatched when humorously zinging his friends duringcompetition, and as a result, everyone knew to guard themselves toavoid being the target of Bubba’s wit.

The love of Bubba’s life was his wife and family, but his secondpassion was for the game of golf. He always admitted that the sportitself was addictive, yet what he cherished most about the game washow a person can learn many of life’s lessons while sharing thefairways with good friends…lessons in integrity, judgment,sportsmanship, and perseverance. Bubba was a member of the City’sAdvisory Committee for Azalea City Golf Course. He was committed toserving his community in this capacity because he loved Azalea Cityso much. His love for golf and his dedication to improving AzaleaCity have inspired his children and grandchildren to honor him byestablishing the Robert H. Herring Youth Golf Scholarship Fund.

In lieu of flowers, donations can be made to Dauphin Way UnitedMethodist Church, Mobile, Ala., the American Cancer Society, or theAmerican Heart Association. Funeral arrangements were withRadney-Belmany Funeral Home, 6110 Grelot Road, Mobile AL 36609.