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Weekend show should have gone on

Dear Editor,

Big Stuff Entertainment extends our deepest apology to all thefans of Paul Wall who had come out or who had planned to come outto the concert that was to be held at the National Guard Armory onMarch 19, 2005.

Due to so-called tips and the purchase of a VIP pass by anundercover agent, who then entered the VIP area and was served oneof our complimentary alcoholic drinks, our concert was raided byABC agents and the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Department.

ABC Agent Vincent Elchos had informed me that I would be chargedwith possession of alcohol in a dry county and that the show wouldcontinue. Mr. Elchos even told Paul Wall personally to have a goodshow.

Then, after multiple searches for drugs and interrogations byLCSD, led by Dustin Bairfield, no drugs were found and no credibleinformation was available for them. So, in turn, Sheriff WileyCalcote decided to shut the concert down.

Again, Big Stuff Entertainment would like to ensure the publicthat there was no selling any alcoholic beverages and that no oneunder 21 was part of our VIP guests. Although we didn’t know thatit was illegal to serve your guests free alcoholic drinks, we takeresponsibility for these actions.

I can assure you that the story in the paper (“Promoter arrestedon booze charges,” March 21) was blown out of proportion.

You can see Paul Wall live on “106 and Park” on BET at 5 and 10p.m. today (Wednesday) and Thursday, performing with Mike Jones andSlim Thug.

Nate Tillman,

Big Stuff Entertainment CEO,