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Inmate’s escape short-lived

An inmate’s Tuesday escape from the Lincoln County Jail was abrief one, officials said.

Brandy Smith, 20, of 3150 James Dr., Wesson, was apprehendedwithin minutes after he bolted from deputies in the parking lot ofthe jail around 1:15 p.m., said Lincoln County Sheriff WileyCalcote.

Smith was recaptured at the corner of Minnesota and Secondstreets, the sheriff said.

The sheriff said Smith was a member of an inmate work crew. Hisescape came as deputies were pulling him off the work crew after alunch break to put him back in jail, Calcote said.

“He was showing us some signs that he might be getting ready torun,” Calcote said.

Smith was being held following a city indictment on charges ofburglary and destruction of public property.

Calcote said Smith will now also face a county charge ofattempted jail escape.

No one was injured during the escape attempt, the sheriffsaid.