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Hospital expansion efforts would maintain quality care

Quality health care facilities are an important aspect of acommunity’s economic development efforts.

King’s Daughters Medical Center officials’ pursuit of an $11million renovation and expansion represent another opportunity toenhance this area’s standing as a great place to live and work.

The project would be funded with hospital revenue and a $9million loan from the United States Department of Agriculture. Theloan process received a stamp of approval last week from the stateoffice of the USDA but still needs a federal blessing of theproposal.

Also needed is a certificate of need from the state HealthDepartment. That process is expected to take several months,meaning the project would not get under way until the fall at theearliest.

The project will involve the creation of a new emergencydepartment, intensive care unit and a 10-bed patient unit as wellas the renovation of existing patient rooms. The project will alsoadd a sprinkler system for fire suppression to the second and thirdfloors, a new pharmacy and a helipad.

A possible side effect of the renovation and expansion – and awelcome one indeed – could be the ability to attract morephysicians to Brookhaven to offer their services to area residentsin need. Having enough doctors available to see patients is justanother aspect of maintaining this community’s quality health careatmosphere.

The hospital project still has a way to go before it can becomea reality. Still, hospital officials should be commended forpursuing the project that could benefit this area in many ways inthe years to come.