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Robust sales fuel healthy tax receipts

Brookhaven’s sales tax collections ended fiscal 2005 on a strongnote – both monthly and yearly – according to the latest totalsfrom the Mississippi State Tax Commission.

Brookhaven’s share of sales tax collections for June was$352,944.67. That represents an increase of more than $11,000 overthe June 2004 total of $341,716.32.

“Once again, we’re seeing an increase in sales tax collectionsin June compared to the same time period a year ago,” said CliffBrumfield, Brookhaven-Lincoln County Chamber of Commerce executivevice president.

June was the end of the state’s fiscal year, and Brookhaven’syearly total was almost $4.1 million.

Last month’s increase represented more than one-third of thedifference between Brookhaven’s fiscal year 2005 collections of$4,097,815.31 and fiscal year 2004 collections of $4,071,327.17.Brumfield said the fiscal 2005 total showed a “strong net gain” forthe city.

“As our economy continues to rebound and with new retailopenings, hopefully we’ll continue to see increases in FY ’06,”Brumfield said.

Brumfield said the higher sales tax collections were especiallygood news given the “pinch” many families are feeling due to highergasoline prices.

Brumfield was also looking forward to future sales tax returnswhich will reflect the opening of the new Home Depot and otherretail establishments. He mentioned license plate surveysindicating the home improvement store was drawing many customersfrom outside Brookhaven.

“Several surveys showed a number of car tags from surroundingcounties, namely Copiah, Franklin and Lawrence,” Brumfieldsaid.

Brumfield was hopeful that those shoppers would also stop byother establishments in the Brookhaven market.

For June, Brookhaven ranked 21st in the state among the topsales tax collectors. All but one of the top 25 cities posted salestax collection increases for June. Greenville showed a small dropin its monthly total.