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Blue dots on roadways will signal fire hydrants

County residents may begin noticing blue dots appearing in themiddle of some roads soon.

Lincoln County Fire Coordinator Clifford Galey said volunteerfire departments will soon be placing the dots on the roads asindicators of where fire hydrants are located.

“This will help us, especially at night, to quickly locate firehydrants,” he said. “Some of them can be hard to see.”

Although many of the hydrants do not look like urban hydrants,the rural hydrants are places along major waterlines where countyfire trucks can hook up to quickly fill their water tankers whilefighting fires.

At times, Galey said, they can become overgrown with vegetationand be difficult to spot. The blue dots should help alleviate someof that difficulty by making it more obvious where hydrants arelocated.

Some roads will get the dots before others, he said, because thecounty has plans to repave some roads next year if it secure stateand federal funding. Those dots will not be placed until after therepaving projects are complete.